Tourism Oversight District Establishing Advisory Boards with Local Businesses & Taxpayers

At today’s Central Florida Tourism Oversight District meeting, District Administrator Glenton Gilzean provided an update on the taxpayer advisory boards that he first mentioned in a May 25th meeting. Here’s what Gilzean said at the May 25th meeting:

I’m going to take a lot of feedback from the community, from our constituents. One of the ideas that I heard was developing more advisory boards, so I’m looking forward to coming to the board with descriptions of how those advisory boards will work, and other great ideas so that we are a good neighbor.

Glenton Gilzean, CFTOD Administrator

At today’s meeting, Gilzean said that he has been in discussions with several taxpayers and that the advisory boards will have the goal of creating “honest and open conversations that deals with much of the misinformation that is currently out there”.

Gilzean said that the new CFTOD logo revealed today was a result of feedback from staff and taxpayers.

In comments following the meeting, Gilzean told reporters that he is still in the process of creating and defining advisory boards. Gilzean said that boards have not been finalized, but that he is looking at including a number of different businesses, taxpayers, and even non-district interests such as businesses in the area that don’t necessarily pay taxes, but those who are impacted by what takes place within the District. When asked about Disney, Gilzean said that they were a key interest as they were the District’s largest taxpayer, but would not say if he was in talks with them.

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