Tiana to Sing Mariah Carey-Style Song, Belle to Perform “As Long as There’s Christmas” During Disney Jollywood Nights

A new audition provides more details for the musical show that will take place in the Theater of the Stars during the Disney Jollywood Nights event at Hollywood Studios:

Theatre of the Stars plays host to an all-new stage show rooted in the glitz and glamor of vintage Hollywood television specials, with a contemporary twist of Disney holiday magic.  Famous Muppets Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy will be special guests in this star-studded production, which features appearances by Tiana, Belle, Minnie Mouse, and Mickey Mouse.   Joined by a talented cast of singers, dancers and live jazz musicians, the show is sure to get you in the spirit of the holidays with a toe tapping, heartwarming, jolly good time.


Male identifying Vocalist:  Tenor crooner with an edge, comfortable singing in a high energy big band/rockabilly style similar to Brian Setzer, definitely an entertainer at heart, vocal range: B/C below middle C to G/A above middle C.

Female Identifying Vocalist: Strong mezzo soprano with ability to sing pop/jazz and light riffing, comfortable singing in a high energy big band/rockabilly style and making a “standard” song their own, a natural entertainer with a similar singing syle to Ella Fitzgerald. Vocal range: A/G below middle C to comfortable belt D/E an octave above middle C.

Tiana:  Charismatic and Strong mezzo soprano with a pop belt to an E (in the octave above middle C), and ability to riff in a style similar to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas.”

Belle:  She will be singing “As Long As There’s Christmas” in the same key as the movie score – so “in character” traditional musical theater singing style, vocal range: G below middle C to Eb an octave above middle C.

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