The Fry Basket Booth Review – 2022 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

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The only new Global Marketplace food booth this year is The Fry Basket! The Fry Basket is located near Test Track in World Discovery and features various takes on a classic french fry. Here’s our The Fry Basket booth review from the 2022 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival.

The Fry Basket Booth Review

Adobo Yuca Fries (NEW 2022) – $5.50

Served with garlic-cilantro aioli

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Fry Basket starts off strong with a delicious version of yuca fries. These large yuca fries are cooked to perfection and seasoned wonderfully. We thought about taking a half-star away because we wanted more of the garlic-cilantro aioli, but that would imply that these aren’t already wonderful on their own – which they are!

Fry Flight (NEW 2022) – $7.50

  • Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar Fries (plant-based)
  • Barbecued Bacon Fries with Smoked Aïoli
  • Sweet Potato Casserole Fries with Candied Pecans, Toasted Marshmallow Cream and Caramel Whisky

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A flight of fries?! Yes, please!

Working left to right, we’ll start with the Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar Fries. Large chunks of sea salt dominate the fries both visually and flavor-wise. We didn’t get a lot of the malt vinegar coming through, which made these the weakest of the bunch. They tried to do something more than standard here, but in comparison, these are fairly pedestrian.

Next up are the Barbecued Bacon Fries with Smoked Aïoli. These were phenomenal and maybe our favorite of the flight. The barbecue flavor was strong here, almost like a barbecue chip with heavy seasoning. That said, they were still delicious and a few bites of bacon topped it off. We didn’t find the aioli offered much of an impact as far as taste was concerned.

Finally, we have the Sweet Potato Casserole Fries with Candied Pecans, Toasted Marshmallow Cream and Caramel Whisky. A dollop of the toasted marshmallow cream pairs nicely with a traditional sweet potatoes casserole flavoring for the fries.


  • Salty Dog Cocktail: Boyd & Blair Vodka with Grapefruit Juice, Ginger, Simple Syrup and Lime with a Salted Rim – $11.00
  • 81Bay Brewing Co. Key Lime Lager, Tampa, FL – $5/9 (6/12oz)

The Fry Basket is off to a strong start as the only new booth in the 2022 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival. The only hiccup we noticed were issues with the fryers that have led to some downtime for the booth. Other than that, we’re fans!

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