REVIEW: New 50th Anniversary Berbere Chickpea Flatbread & Brazil Nut Cake at Pinocchio’s Village Haus

We want you to get the most out of your ‘luxury villa’ stay in Solterra, Davenport (near Championsgate and just south of the Disney World Resort area). To help out, we have sourced the following blog post to keep you up to date with news from Walt Disney World Resort. Thanks to the guys over at Blog Mickey for the original post...

Two new 50th Anniversary items are now available at Pinocchio’s Village Haus at Magic Kingdom. The new items are the Berbere Chickpea Flatbread and the Brazil Nut Cake, and we made it out to Magic Kingdom recently to give them a try! Both items are available on Mobile Order.

Berbere Chickpea Flatbread – $12.29

Spiced Hummus, Tomato, and Red Onion drizzled with Coriander-Chutney Dressing

We’ll start with the new Berbere Chickpea Flatbread! Despite a lazy presentation due to faulty kitchen equipment, the flavors of the Berbere Chickpea Flatbread were wonderful! The spiced hummus acted as the base of the flatbread and there was a slight bit of spiciness at the end, but it was so subtle to our taste that it was the type of spice that had to build over multiple bites and never really overpowered any single bite.

What really stuck out to us on this flatbread was how fresh all of the ingredients were. Maybe the best part about the dish right now is that so few people are ordering it that it is made to order and doesn’t spend 15 minutes under a heat lamp like a pepperoni flatbread might during the lunch rush.

Here’s a closer look at the fresh ingredients, with the Coriander-Chutney Dressing adding a bit of the cilantro flavor that can be so divisive in Disney World dishes. We liked it.

A bit of a rare find at Pinocchio’s Village Haus, this flatbread could probably find a permanent home in Harambe at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and serve as the perfect quick lunch.

Brazil Nut Cake – $6.19

Coffee-Brazilian Nut Cake, featuring Flavors of Brazil with Passion Fruit Curd and Milk Chocolate Mousse

For dessert, there is a brand new Brazil Nut Cake at Pinocchio’s Village Haus too! A firm cake base was moist and not crumbly in the slightest. We wish there would’ve been a bit more of a coffee flavor in the cake, but it probably would’ve been overpowered by the milk chocolate mousse anyway. That is until you make it to the passion fruit curd which was tangy, but full of flavor.

The standout here is the passion fruit curd, which is the dominating flavor in the bites that contain it. If you’re looking for flavor, this is it, but we wish that the cake had a bit more coffee flavor and the passion fruit curd was dialed back just a bit.

Overall, the flatbread is a clear winner here and something that we hope Disney will be able to find a longterm home for beyond the 50th Anniversary, which ends in March 2023.

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