Report: New Disney Oversight District Administrator Reopens Firefighter Contract Negotiations

According to a report from the Associated Press, new Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Administrator Glenton Gilzean has reopened negotiations for the CFTOD firefighter contract. The contract was already voted in favor by the firefighters and there was a closed-door session at the May 24th meeting, but the contract was reportedly not finalized with the CFTOD Board.

The CFTOD Board of Supervisors will next meet on June 21st and there is no mention of the contract or negotiations on the meeting agenda.

The contract was set to implement sweeping raises for the firefighters and other emergency service personnel.

According to the report, Board spokesperson Alexei Woltornist said that the negotiations were ongoing, without expanding on why a contract that was already approved by the union needed to undergo a new round of negotiations.

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