PHOTOS, VIDEO: Impressive ‘Cosmic Rewind’ Teleportation Room Effect Broken, B-Mode In Use This Weekend at EPCOT

Guests riding Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind have experienced the B-Mode version of an impressive effect during the final pre-show of the attraction. This article will contain spoilers of the effect and how it works as part of the explanation of the problem. If you’re worried about the attraction working, know that the B-Mode of the pre-show effect does not affect the ride, which is running normally. The rest of this article will contain spoilers.

One of the most impressive effects in the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind attraction is the Teleportation Chamber that takes guests from the Welcome Center on Earth up to the Nova Corps ship for a demonstration of the Cosmic Generator. Guests file into the Teleportation Chamber and are told to stand within the lighted ring and away from the walls.

Here’s a video of the pre-show experience when it is working correctly.

As you can see in the video above, a blast of light shines before the room goes dark and you’re transported to the Nova Corps ship. The effect is accomplished by a fast-moving wall that recedes into a space above your head. You can see the curved wall in the ceiling in our photos below.

Previously, guests have been walked through this room when the effects weren’t working. Now, Disney has implemented a “b-mode” for the teleportation room that keeps the storytelling alive, even if the fast-moving wall is broken. As you can see in our photos and video below, the B-Mode contains a digital air-lock of sorts that opens to reveal that you are in space. It is not very effective in creating the effect of being teleported because you’re already on the “ship” when you walk directly into the room from the previous “Wecome Center” room, but it’s better than walking through the room without any of the storytelling at all.

Cast Members didn’t know when the effect would be fixed, but the B-Mode has been in place at least all weekend so far.

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