PHOTOS, VIDEO: Adorable, Rare Twin Cotton-Top Tamarins Born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

An adorable set of tiny, critically endangered twins were born at Walt Disney World, doubling the size of the cotton-top tamarin population at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Weighing about as much as a common chicken egg, and measuring approximately four inches long, these pint-sized newborns cling tightly to their parents as both mom and dad acrobatically leap from branch to branch in their habitat on Discovery Island. The pair marks the first cotton-top tamarin births at Walt Disney World since 2001.

We recently made it out to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to grab photos and video of the twins that the mom loves to show off. Here’s a look!

Although cotton-top tamarins are considered a rare species with less than 7,500 remaining in the wild, having twins is quite typical for the species. Infants are completely dependent on their families for survival and are carried around on the backs of their family members for up to 14 weeks. As first-time parents, both mom and dad are doing great, sharing the parenting duties. You can expect to see the twins cozied up to both mom and dad over the next several months. 

Cotton-top tamarins are native to Colombia and typically found in the tropical forests of the northwest region of the country. These primates live high in the treetops and forage through the canopy for the fruits and insects that make up most of their diet. They are critically endangered because of the illegal pet trade as well as extensive deforestation and loss of habitat. 

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