Oversight Board to Discuss Investigation Into Possible Criminal Actions by Disney & Implementation of “Superior Authority” Amendment

The agenda for the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District meeting set for April 19th has been released, and it looks like it’ll be a packed morning. According to the agenda, the Board of Supervisors will cover a lot of ground as it looks to do the bidding of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in ongoing retaliatory moves against Walt Disney World.

Agenda items of note include reports from litigation counsel, a report from the general counsel, a presentation regarding State oversight, and then some new business items. Notable new business items include direction from the Board of Supervisors to District staff to cooperate with the Inspector General’s investigation into possible criminal charges against Walt Disney World staff and the former Reedy Creek Improvement District Board members at the request of DeSantis.

Another notable business item is an action to “remove from office and terminate all Planning and Zoning Board members and appoint the Board of Supervisors to serve as the local planning agency of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District”. The Board of Supervisors, with newfound power, would then discuss hiring an urban planning firm to assist with the self-appointed role of planning district construction.

There is also time carved out for public hearings of the Resolutions that would give the Board the self-appointed power to terminate the Planning and Zoning Board, as we previously broke the news on. Interestingly, the Resolution in question, Resolution 639, is required to have a second reading and public hearing on April 26, 2023. While the business portion of the agenda calls for the termination of the current Planning Board, it’s unclear if the Board of Supervisors will even have the power to do so. Nonetheless, it is on the agenda.

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