No New Rules or Regulations Planned For Next Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Meeting

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The next meeting of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District is planned for May 24th and the initial agenda from the Board of Supervisors does not have any new resolutions to enact new rules or regulations. This will mark the first meeting in nearly two months where the Board of Supervisors doesn’t introduce a new rule or regulation.

While there will be no new resolutions introduced at the next meeting, we do expect a report on the ongoing legal battles that the Board is embroiled in.

The current Board of Supervisors assumed control of the District in early March and they have introduced six new resolutions and a “legislative finding” that attempts to nullify a Development Agreement with Disney World. During the first three months of the new Board, they have spent a considerable amount of time and billable hours dissecting a Development Agreement that remains at the heart of two current lawsuits – one in federal court and one in state court.

The most recent action on either lawsuit was a Motion to Dismiss from Disney in the state case. In the state case brought by the CFTOD, the District asked a judge to enforce the “legislative finding” of the District that the contract was null and void for a variety of alleged infirmities. Before the court could rule, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill that nullified the Development Agreement via a narrowly written amendment.

In the federal case, Disney World claims that DeSantis and the Board have threatened Disney’s business operations as punishment for the Company exercising its First Amendment right to protected speech. Disney says that they are “forced to defend…against a State weaponizing its power to inflict political punishment”. Disney outlines federal constitutional rights that it says were violated – the Contracts Clause, the Takings Clause, and the Due Process Clause.

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