New World Celebration Walkways to Open Soon at EPCOT

While World Celebration and most of the offerings inside of it won’t open until later this year, Disney is preparing to open new walkways as parts of the construction start to wrap up. Disney hasn’t announced when the walkways would begin to open, but they have started to install construction walls behind the existing construction walls, which would indicate that they are preparing to make more areas accessible to guests.

In this aerial photo from friend of the site bioreconstruct, we can see the new construction walls being installed as Disney prepares to open the walkway.

In this annotated version of the photo above, we can see the currently accessible guest walkways in blue, and the soon-to-open guest walkways in red. It is likely that when the red walkway opens, at least a portion of the blue walkway along the monorail line will return to being a backstage area. This change will also allow guests to exit out of both sides of the Spaceship Earth post-show area once again.

Disney has not announced a timeframe for the new World Celebration walkways to open, but sources indicate that the walkway is planned to open soon, perhaps even this month or very early April.

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