Mature Trees Removed from Tiana’s Bayou Adventure as Construction Continues in Magic Kingdom

Following a significant milestone installation of the Tiana’s Foods water tower, crews are turning their attention to the trees in two different locations. The first is the main entrance to the attraction. Trees at the former entrance to the queue have been removed in preparation for new hardscape work and possibly the installation of a new attraction sign.

Here’s a look around the main entrance, and an elevated vantage point from the Frontierland train station. The area is looking a bit bare at the moment compared to what was here before, but with the testing of faux foliage last summer, it’s possible that we could see the area filled back in over the coming months.

Here’s a look down at the site.

More notably, the large tree at the splashdown u-turn has been removed from the “island”. Here’s a look at that area from earlier today.

Here’s a look back at what the area used to look like.

Continuing on with our photos from today.

The flume is covered, like in other parts of the ride, to make it easier for crews to navigate the area, and prevent the possibility of injury from falling into the flume when working near it.

Other trees in the area remain standing for now and could remain standing for years to come. We’ll have to wait and see.

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