Latest Birds-Eye Look at World Celebration Construction in EPCOT

Perpetual eye-in-the-sky and friend of the site Bioreconstruct has a new set of aerial photos of the World Celebration section of EPCOT that reveals the latest progress in The Pit.

As you can see in this first aerial photo, hardscape, and foliage are the name of the game as Disney builds out the EPCOT Festival Gardens area in the middle of World Celebration. In this area, dynamic lighting and permanent planters will allow Disney to create an atmosphere in these gardens that not only changes from festival to festival but from day to night. In the lower left of the image below, we can see the tall lighting columns that will be in the CommuniCore Plaza party area. Under the reverse ‘L’-shaped overhang, a stage will allow the party to move from its traditional spot in The American Adventure to World Celebration. It’s likely that the American Gardens Theater will continue to host big acts, but there will also be a party vibe at the front of the park, which will be new-ish.

Here’s a better view of CommuniCore Hall, which will feature a spot to meet Mickey Mouse and explore art displays. The recently reopened World Nature restrooms are now outside of the construction site as the walkway along the left side of the photo below reopened to guests recently.

Returning our attention to the central gardens, we can see a permanent planter taking shape in the middle of the site that will eventually resemble the EPCOT logo. This central planter has smaller lighting columns placed around it, and concept art of the area will follow the aerial photo.

In this next aerial photo, we can see some interesting themed elements that we have previously taken a look at from inside of EPCOT, as well as the Dreamers Point area. Disney has never given a description of these copper-colored themed elements as they replaced an interactive digital tree from before the area experienced budget cuts. The upper right of the photo shows the latest progress on Dreamers Point, where guests will find the Walt the Dreamer statue installed later this year.

World Celebration will open this Fall at EPCOT. There isn’t a lot of work left to be done in terms of hardscape. The central area could be completed in a month or so, but we likely won’t see it open until closer to October 1st which will be the 41st Anniversary of EPCOT.

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