King Louie, Baloo Kites End Up in Trees; Possibly Torn Following KiteTails Performance

Well, it looks like we might have at least more of an answer as to why the Disney KiteTails show ran in B-Mode this afternoon at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. For a full video of the B-Mode show with just 3 kites, check out our earlier article.

KiteFails: Animal Kingdom’s Newest Show Operates in B-Mode, Evening Shows Cancelled

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Now, it looks like we can shed a little more light into what happened, and why Disney might have abandoned the larger kites for the B-Mode performance. According to photos and video sent in by a reader, the large King Louie and Baloo kites struck trees during an earlier performance.

Here’s the Baloo kite after striking a tree near Flame Tree BBQ on the west side of the lake.

And here’s video of the King Louie kite as it appears to make contact with a tree on the north side of the lake. As it makes contact, it takes a branch with it and possible incurs some damage on the left arm. The float quickly lost altitude. It’s unclear if it lost altitude because of a lack of speed, or due to a tear that could inhibit lift (or a combination of the two).

If you can’t see the video directly below, you may have to disable any ad-blockers.

Here are some stills from the video after the kite made contact with the tree.

Here’s some closer video of the Baloo kite in the trees.

It’s likely that one or both of the kites sustained some amount of damage, but it’s unclear if they will affect performances beyond the two cancelled shows today.

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