Industry Executives Predict Continuing Shakeups at Disney in 2023 (Ex-Exec Returns, CFO Leaves, Iger Stays)

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A year ago, CNBC released an article that asked media executives to anonymously predict industry moves in 2022. One prediction we reported on came true – the return of Bob Iger as CEO of The Walt Disney Company. What seemed like a longshot this time last year, is now a reality, and CNBC is back with another round of predictions. This time, it looks like Disney is even more of a target for predictions than last year. Here’s a roundup of the predictions:

Ex-Disney Executive Returns

With the search for the next Disney CEO is one of the mandates that Bob Iger received from the Board of Directors, there isn’t a clear leading candidate. One prediction is that either Kevin Mayer or Tom Staggs returns to Disney. That said, it would likely require the acquisition of Candle Media – something that Iger said he isn’t focused on at the moment.

Iger Extends Contract

Iger’s current contract ends on December 31, 2024. In the next two years, Iger is expected to right the ship at Disney and pick a successor. With economic headwinds likely to continue in 2023, it might not be an easy task for Iger and we could see Iger at the helm for years to come.

Christine McCarthy Leaves Disney

Despite a report calling McCarthy one of the top contenders to become CEO after Iger, one industry insider says that she could leave.

McCarthy’s current contract expires in 2024, but contracts might not mean much as Disney. After all, Chapek received a 3-year contract extension just months before being fired.

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