Heavy Machinery Moves Into World Showcase Lagoon for New EPCOT Fireworks Show

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Following the removal of the final Harmonious barges, we decided to head back to EPCOT recently to get a closer look at the heavy machinery in World Showcase Lagoon as crews work to bring a new fireworks show to life later this year. Here’s what we know about the new fireworks show so far.

Guests will be treated to the debut of an all-new EPCOT nighttime spectacular later this year. A dazzling display of music, pyrotechnics, lasers and lighting, the show will feature an original composition and evocative selections from the Disney songbook – all woven together to remind us that we are more alike than different.

Turning our attention to World Showcase Lagoon, there are two points of interest. One point of interest is the remaining hardware connections in the middle of World Showcase Lagoon that were installed for Project Kappa, aka Harmonious. It looks like crews are dismantling the infrastructure, although Disney has not announced exact plans for the new show.

For Harmonious, four electrical docking stations were created, and the electrical vault in the middle of the lagoon was upgraded. Here’s a look at crews today, including divers working on the infrastructure.

Crews appeared to be focused on the central “lagoon electrical vault”, but it’s the perimeter infrastructure docks that we’re interested in at the moment. Crews were wrapping up work on the central electrical platform as we were arriving.

Here’s a side view of the electrical vault.

Crews were wrapping up for the day.

The eastern perimeter docks still have some infrastructure visible to guests. We can see what appear to be tubes, perhaps to connect to the recently removed “taco” barges, as well as some cabling that was likely utilized to run power to the barges. Some electrical boxes and even a ladder into the lagoon have been removed in recent weeks.

The eastern docks were looking barer today, with the cables removed from view. It’s possible that these perimeter docks will not be utilized in the new show and perhaps demolished or removed completely in the coming weeks.

Here’s a north-facing view of World Showcase Lagoon with some of the Harmonious infrastructure remaining in the lake.

Turning our attention to the second point of interest, we can see heavy machinery near an eastern island near the China pavilion. Behind the treeline, a larger crane looms for the demolition of the Harmonious barges.

While we walked by, crews were installing spuds to stabilize the barge for more extensive work.

The dive crew was returning to the Poseidon barges.

It looks like some of the salvaged materials from the Harmonious infrastructure were here, including the ladders that were on the perimeter docks until recently.

Disney World has previously said EPCOT’s new nighttime show would debut later this year as part of the Disney100 celebration.

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