Haunted Mansion Reopens With Missing Mummy & Noticeable Work on Hatbox Ghost Scene

Following a short refurbishment, The Haunted Mansion has reopened to guests with a few additions and upgrades.

We’ll start with the least exciting update from a guest experience, but perhaps one of the more pressing changes operationally. The load/unload belts were changed out during the refurbishment as one of the areas of the attraction that receives the most wear.

We should actually back up a bit because the stretching rooms looked to have received a lighting “upgrade” that made them brighter and noticeably more pink. In our opinion, it’s overdone, but perhaps its a work in progress.

Moving on, there is noticeably more work being done on the Hatbox Ghost scene, but as with our previous update, it’s hard to really show what’s going on. In terms of what we could see, there is some lighting now behind the curtain and the shape of the curtain envelope extends out a bit. It’s possible that the figure is installed, but Disney hasn’t said anything beyond that it will debut “later this year”.

Here’s a video passing the scene, which will be to the left of the Endless Hallway.

Continuing, we noticed that the long-missing Mummy has returned to the graveyard. Here’s a couple of photos of the Mummy, followed by a video of the graveyard scene.

And that’s all we noticed for this brief refurbishment!

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