Florida Continues to Set Record Highs for COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations

As we continue to keep an eye on the COVID-19 surge in Florida, new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to paint a picture of Florida as the hotspot of America. Here’s a look at the latest data:

New COVID-19 Cases

Statewide, Florida continues to set records for new COVID-19 cases recorded. On Sunday, August 8th, Florida recorded 28,317* new cases, according to data from the CDC.

*UPDATE: The official Florida Health Department Twitter account has called this data from the CDC into question. If we were to throw out the 28,317 figure from the CDC’s reporting for Sunday, August 8th, Florida still experienced a record on Friday August 6th of 23,903 new cases – which would fall into the full-day reporting according to the State of Florida.

Florida leads the nation in 7-day case rate per 100,000 individuals at 732.8. In fact, the southeast United States claim five out of the top six spots in this category.

Locally, Orange County has recorded 8,826 new COVID-19 cases in the past 7 days – continuing the trend of more than 1,000 new COVID-19 cases per day on average.


The Florida Hospital Association confirmed 13,614 hospitalizations due to COVID-19 as of August 9th. As you can see in the graph below, this figure represents 134% of the previous peak set on July 23, 2020.

As the Miami Herald reports, more than 24% of patients in Florida hospitals are there for COVID-19 compared with a national average of 8.7%. In Florida, more than 43% of ICU beds are taken up by COVID-19 patients, compared to a national average of less than 20%.

Experts also note that hospitalizations and deaths are lagging datapoints, meaning that as we continue to see new COVID-19 case numbers increase, we will likewise see an increase in hospitalizations and deaths over the coming weeks.

Face Mask Rules

At Walt Disney World, guests are required to wear face coverings indoors, but there are no physical distancing requirements.

Face Mask Policy Tightens Again at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World news, photos, and reviews! We provide you with daily news from the Walt Disney World theme parks and beyond

Data provided by the CDC puts Orange County Florida in the “high” transmission category. Through August 9th, the recorded case rate per 100,000 individuals over the last 7 days sits at 633.39.

As we noted when the most recent CDC guidelines came out, Disney will likely adhere to guidelines set at the national and local levels. Practically, this means that Orange County will need to lower that 633.39 figure to below 50 to qualify for the “moderate” tier, which is the tier that the CDC recommendations allow indoor masking to be dropped. At this rate, we expect that the indoor mask mandate will be in place for weeks, if not months.

Orange County Florida Surpasses 20% COVID-19 Positivity Rate, Local State of Emergency Extended

Walt Disney World news, photos, and reviews! We provide you with daily news from the Walt Disney World theme parks and beyond

Disney has not provided any long-term forecasts on its health and safety measures beyond that they will follow the guidance of medical experts and officials.

Get vaccinated: https://www.vaccines.gov/

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