Five New Things To Do at Magic Kingdom in 2019

It’s a new year and Disney has declared 2019 to be the “Year of the Ear”. It’s all about Mickey Mouse, especially at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  January 18th we started Mickey’s Celebration, with some fun new entertainment to enjoy in the park.

Celebrate Mickey Mouse Magic Kingdom Disney World 2019

This celebration will continue through September 30th, 2019. So if you’re visiting Disney World during that time, here’s a look at everything new that’s been added for this new theme.

Celebrate Mickey Mouse Magic Kingdom Disney World 2019Celebrate Mickey Mouse Magic Kingdom Disney World 2019

1- Meet Mickey and Minnie together in their new outfits. The couple is now meeting together at Town Hall. They have some adorable new outfits with colorful confetti and pom-poms (that you’ll see to be a theme for this celebration). TIP: for a while, they’ll be popular since they don’t usually meet together, so if you can grab a Fastpass for them it will save you some time. While you’re at Town Hall make sure you sign Mickey’s guest book and pick up a card and some stickers.

Celebrate Mickey Mouse Magic Kingdom Disney World 2019

2- See the new parade. A rebooted version of the Move It Shake It parade has debuted especially for the Celebrate Mickey theme, and it’s called “Move It, Shake It, MousekeDance It”. This parade features Mickey and Minnie in their new outfits plus tons of other rare characters like the Three Caballeros, Clarice, Clarabelle, and Horace.  This street parade is in addition to the regular afternoon parade Festival of Fantasy. It only travels from the fire station up Main Street, circles the castle and stops for a dance party. At this point, many of the characters get down from the floats to interact with you as you’re allowed to come into the street. Then they get back on their floats and head back up Main Street to where they began. TIP: Check the Times Guide for the current times for this parade on the day you’re visiting. Typically it happens 3/4 times per day. You can also check this website for the week’s current times. Also, at the end of the dance party, pom-poms shoot out of each float for a super fun surprise and a great photo if you can catch it right. (I didn’t quite catch it but here’s the only pic I managed to grab of them.)

Celebrate Mickey Mouse Magic Kingdom Disney World 2019

3) Check the Flag Pole area for rare characters. This area is in Town Square right as you enter the park. During Mickey’s Celebration, there are different rare characters out each day. These are all bonus, as they’re an unpublished meet and greet. Meaning you won’t know the times or who will be there. So just check and see if they’re out as you go by. Some of the characters we’ve seen so far have been Nick and Judy from Zootopia, Phineas and Ferb, and Chicken Little and Abby.

4) Enjoy some of the NEW special treats and snacks. These can change throughout the Celebration but right now here are the ones you don’t want to miss. Starbucks on Main Street has an incredible new castle cupcake that is delicious! It’s orange cake with champagne buttercream. You’ll also find lots of fun sprinkle treats in the park perfect for a celebration. Cosmic Ray’s has a special Mickey Mouse hamburger that’s topped with Macaroni and Cheese. And Gaston’s Tavern has a celebratory drink called Now and Forever slush made with sparkling cider.

5) Check out the new merchandise. Top pick is this adorable Mickey Mouse sipper cup. You can find it at quick service spots around Magic Kingdom. I got mine at Cosmic Ray’s in Tomorrowland. It’s $14 or $10 without a drink. There are lots of other adorable merchandise throughout the park with lots of it being found at the Emporium on Main Street.

Hope you get a chance to experience all the fun for Mickey’s celebration this year. Remember this will last through Sept. 30th, 2019. And as always, the best way to connect with me and stay up to date with everything happening at Disney World is to follow me on Instagram and sign up for my weekly news email.

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