First Look & First Impressions: DuckTales World Showcase Adventure Game at EPCOT

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Cast Member previews have begun for the upcoming DuckTales World Showcase Adventure game at EPCOT, and we wanted to share our first impressions of the game before it officially debuts on December 16th! DuckTales World Showcase Adventure replaces Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, which closed back in February 2020.

DuckTales World Showcase Adventure doesn’t have a physical recruitment center yet, but that may change by the time it officially launches in a few days. Either way, the game is based completely within the Play Disney Parks app.

Guests will be required to download the Play Disney Parks app to play DuckTales World Showcase Adventure, and the game and storyline is mostly contained within the app, but guests do interact with physical elements within World Showcase.

In this article, we’re going to provide a high-level overview and first impressions of the game. A later article will offer a full playthrough of the game. Here’s how Disney desribes the game:

DuckTales World Showcase Adventure

Join Scrooge McDuck, his nephews and friends as they travel around EPCOT World Showcase on a quacky quest to find the Seven Plunders of the World —and return them to their rightful owners. This expedition is about adventure and faraway destinations, not plunder. Life is better when we explore the world around us. The treasures are hidden in each country pavilion:

  • Mexico
  • Norway
  • China
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • France
  • United Kingdom

Each country has three assignments and one finale; each mission takes approximately 25-30 minutes to complete. Guests are encouraged to replay countries at their leisure as there are variables to the set of missions a Guest can receive. When a country is completed, guests will receive an achievement within the Disney Play App. Once all the countries have been completed, guests will unlock the finale mission which is playable within the app itself!

While we worked through World Showcase in a counter-clockwise fashion from Canada to Mexico, guests can work through the game in whichever country and any order they’d like.

The gameplay in each country follows the same pattern – the introduction of an artifact, a conflict with a villain, and then tree missions that will take you to different places to recover the artifact. A finale mission occurs, often with a physical prop or effect where an artifact is recovered. Here’s a look at the seven missions and seven artifacts that guests will help their favorite ducks with.

Guests will be directed to various locations within each country to complete a scavenger hunt-style mission. A photo of where you’re supposed to stand or walk to makes the gameplay easy for all ages and world travelers. Where DuckTales World Showcase Adventure really excels is in the content on the Play Disney Parks app. The animation and story is great and offers something for hardcore and casual fans alike. We’d even recommend DuckTales World Showcase Adventure to guests who have no attachment to DuckTales at all. The gameplay and physical props add an extra layer to World Showcase for even the most seasoned EPCOTian. For the EPCOT purists, the props don’t encroach on the World Showcase experience, with the exception of maybe 10-15 seconds when an effect is triggered.

While playing, we couldn’t help but compare this to another Play Disney Parks-based game that debuted earlier this year – Batuu Bounty Hunters. What we loved about DuckTales World Showcase Adventure was just how much interaction there was with physical elements. This takes the game from something like Batuu Bounty Hunters, which is fun, but not necessarily a must-do, to something that we absolutely recommend anyone visiting EPCOT to try at least once. Here’s a quick video of some of the physical effects that guests will see during the course of gameplay in different countries.

Ultimately, DuckTales World Showcase Adventure is a wonderful sucessor to World Showcase games that came before it. We’ll have a more detailed look at the gameplay in the coming days!

DuckTales World Showcase Adventure officially debuts December 16th at EPCOT.

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