Faux Moss Added to Journey of Water Rockwork in EPCOT

We want you to get the most out of your ‘luxury villa’ stay in Solterra, Davenport (near Championsgate and just south of the Disney World Resort area). To help out, we have sourced the following blog post to keep you up to date with news from Walt Disney World Resort. Thanks to the guys over at Blog Mickey for the original post...

Yesterday, we stopped by EPCOT to check out the Journey of Water – Inspired by Moana construction. With a keen eye, we were able to spot the Moana logo that will welcome guests to the walkthrough experience that will follow the journey of water in an edutainment attraction.

Journey of Water Moana Entrance Logo Carved at EPCOT

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Today, we decided to head back for a better look over the progress walls at the construction. We’ll work through the construction from south to north, as the monorail passes.

A large crane is near the site, providing reach into the site from just beyond a service building. We didn’t see the crane in use this afternoon.

We can start to see a more vivid scene than the concrete that we’ve seen in recent months as scenic artists start to dress up the faux rockwork.

Here’s a closer look at the faux moss added to the rockwork.

While this part of the site looks to be coming together nicely, remember that Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro announced a late 2023 opening date for Journey of Water. This means that we could still be more than a year away from the opening. As we continue through the site, that timeline makes more sense.

Other parks of the site are further behind the southwest section above. In the photo immediately below, the entrance logo is behind the yellow tarp.

Moving even further north through the site, we can see work that is not as far along as the areas pictured above.

An interesting structure is coming together in the middle of the photo above. A closer look reveals a sort of feature that appears to be steps. It’s not exactly clear if this will be a guest area.

Other, more difficult-to-see rockwork includes this large structure in the “back” of the site. It looks like there might be some lighting within the rockwork. It’s possible that this is where the 16-foot-tall Fe Fiti will be and that this lighting will be used to light her once the sun sets.

Te Fiti Model for Moana Journey of Water Attraction at D23 Expo 2022

Walt Disney World news, photos, and reviews! We provide you with daily news from the Walt Disney World theme parks and beyond

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