Fantasia/Pinocchio Float Returns to Festival of Fantasy Parade After Lengthy Absence

Following a nearly two months absence, the Pinocchio/Fantasia parade float has returned to the Festival of Fantasy Parade at Magic Kingdom. The float was missing since at least early April and returned to the parade recently. While visiting Magic Kingdom this afternoon, we noticed that the float had returned, although it wasn’t fully functional.

Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade will turn 10 years old in March 2024 and has certainly shown its age from time to time. It would seem likely that Magic Kingdom is due for a new parade sometime soon, and perhaps even a nighttime parade, although movement on that front has been painfully slow and might be stalled following a no-show for any new parades during the recent 50th Anniversary celebrations.

The return of the Fantasia parade float represents a return to the new normal for the parade. What does a new normal mean for the parade? The Brave unit and many performers are still missing following a COVID-era suspension and cutbacks, but this is the version of the parade that Disney expects to run daily. Even so, the return of the Fantasia float is a welcome one and adds some length to a parade that already “feels” short. Here are probably way too many photos of the return of the Fantasia/Pinocchio float from various spots along the parade route!

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