Disney World Reverses Course, Provides Complimentary Tickets to Passholders Who Are Blocked Out for TRON Previews

Despite a warning that Passholders who signed up for a TRON Lightcycle Run preview during a blockout date would lose their preview spot, Disney World has started to add complimentary tickets to Passholder accounts so they can attend the preview. Here’s what Disney said about Passholders who signed up for preview dates during times where their Pass type is blocked out:

A registration for a date that is a blockout date for your Pass type(s) will automatically be cancelled.

Please check blockout dates for each Pass type you are registering for. Modifications to a registration will not be permitted.

Valid Annual Pass required for park entry. Applicable pass blockout dates apply.

Disney World statement

However, there was some frustration amongst Passholders who had one Pass type and were trying to register Passholders with a different Pass type. From what we observed, Disney generally filtered dates for Passes based on Pass blockout dates, but for parties with multiple Pass types, the registration form defaulted to the blockout date schedule for the “highest” Pass type. That meant that some Passholders were able to register either themselves or their Passholder friends/family for dates that they would be blocked from entering Magic Kingdom on.

Now, Disney World has added complimentary 1-day park hopper tickets to accounts that qualify under the conditions described above. It’s a good move by Disney, but we also hope that Disney is able to waive blockout dates for future Passholder preview events to avoid confusion and frustration in the future.

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