Disney World Cast Members Hold Rally for Wage Increases Amid Contract Battle

What raises are we fighting for? $18 minimum in 2023 for QSR, Food Handlers, Seaters, Convention Guides and thousands of jobs in other unions like Attractions, Custodial, Parking, Characters and Merchandise. Disney has offered only $17 in 2023 for current Cast Members.

Both the Union and the Company continue to propose the large raises for Culinary, Stewarding and Housekeeping that we presented during the vote in February. For example:
– Housekeeping: Increase from $17 to $20 ($3 raise)
– Stewarding: Increase from $15 to $18 ($3 raise)
– Cook 2: Increase from $16.40 to $20 ($3.60 raise)
– Cook 1: Increase from $19 to $23.10 ($4.10 raise)
– Chef Assistant: Increase from $20 to $24.60 ($4.60 raise)

Those raises are secure. But on February 15, 2023 Disney made a new contract proposal that reduced the retroactive pay for Housekeeping, Stewarding and Culinary. Instead of calculating retroactive pay using these large raises, Disney proposed to reduce the retroactive pay to only $1 per hour. The Union made it clear to Disney that their proposal is unacceptable.

For example, under Disney’s new proposal, a Housekeeper who will get an initial raise from $17 to $20 would not get retroactive pay calculated on the full $3 raise. Instead, Disney proposed that retroactive pay will be calculated on only $1.

We will fight until we win the full retroactive pay owed to all Cast Members.

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