Disney Genie+ Reaches Lowest Price Since Pricing Model Change at Disney World

We’re not quite two weeks into the Disney Genie+ pricing model shuffle, but we’ve already seen quite a bit of range in pricing for the park-specific change. As a reminder, Disney Genie+ now has a park-specific pricing model that was introduced on June 27th as Disney World continues to adjust its skip-the-line product. Since then, we’ve seen some variation in the pricing range, and with the Fourth of July holiday in the rearview mirror, the service has reached a new low price.

Here’s a look at today’s pricing, followed by the price range in parenthesis:

  • Multiple Parks: $23 today ($23 to $29)
  • Magic Kingdom only: $23 today ($23 to $29)
  • EPCOT only: $17 today ($17 to $21)
  • Hollywood Studios only: $21 today ($21 to $26)
  • Animal Kingdom only: $15 today ($15 to $18)

The next question is: how low will Disney Genie+ pricing go? With the new park-specific pricing, we’d hope to see Genie+ pricing trend similarly to the 1-day theme park ticket pricing. If that’s the case, we still have some wiggle room before we reach the cheapest pricing. In practice, we don’t think that we’ll see a 25% drop in Genie+ price to match the delta between today’s pricing and the lowest 1-day ticket pricing in September.

That said, our magic number is still $22, which was the average price of Disney Genie+ in 2023 before the pricing model changed. With that as the mark to beat, there are some “deals” today, with Animal Kingdom even returning to the October 2021 debut price of $15.

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