Dead Man’s Pier: Winter’s Wake Announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2022

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How do you get excited for the winter in Florida? Announce a house for Halloween Horror Nights! Today, Universal Studios Florida released the details of another Haunted House for Halloween Horror Nights 2022: Dead Man’s Pier: Winter’s Wake.

Here’s how Universal describes this house:

In a New England fishing village, undead fishermen emerge from the waves to seek their revenge. You and your scream squad may have escaped their hooks in the scare zone. Now they’ll reel you in and drag you under.

Dead Man's Pier Winter Wake at Halloween Horror Nights 2022 key art
Dead Man’s Pier Winter Wake at Halloween Horror Nights 2022

The concept of this maze is a frozen fishing village. Of course, the seemingly peaceful tableau will get a scary overlay for Halloween Horror Nights. We can imagine scenes of abandoned fishing tents or supply cabins cast in blue light, with scare actors popping out from clouds of smoke. Ice in Florida is a scary enough prospect on its own! 

This maze situates itself in Halloween Horror Nights lore by being a sequel to the 2016 zone called Dead Man’s Wharf, an area inspired by dead sailors. Dead Man’s Wharf had guests wandering through the remnants of the Annabel Lee fishing vessel, which left port on October 30th, 1931, and never returned. 

Wintry elements at Halloween Horror Nights are rare but not unheard of, with Yeti: Terror of the Yukon (2019), The Thing: Assimilation (2007), and Winter’s Night: The Haunting of Hawthorn Cemetary (2011) all houses that incorporate similar elements of bringing some chill into October. Guests enjoyed these houses, not the least because the chilled temperature can provide an enjoyable contrast to the often warm Florida fall air. 

Halloween Horror Nights 2022 will run select nights September 2 through October 31. Find out everything you need to know about tickets here.

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