Daytime Drones? Imagineering’s Chief Creative Officer Talks About Expanding Immersion To The Skies In Disney Theme Parks

Drones fascinate me a lot, and we’ve begun to use those at our parks in Paris and other places. I think that we’re just scratching the surface with what can be done with them. Our nighttime spectaculars are a huge win, but spectaculars don’t always need to be done at nighttime.

The thing I also love about our business, where we’re putting people into physical environments, immersive worlds, is that there are all these dimensions, including above you. We mostly do it in a way that gathers people in one place, focused on one spot. I think with some of these new technologies, like drones, you can begin to think differently about how you deliver those kinds of shows and how you can spread it out or pepper these kinds of experiences throughout a day.

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