Cast Take a Wild Ride to Creativity During The Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration

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Known for being wildly talented, the Walt Disney World culinary teams are always looking for ways to infuse creativity in the kitchen. In honor of the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration, culinary cast members have created some wonderfully whimsical food and beverage items that are toad-ally inspiring!   

Over at Friar’s Nook at Magic Kingdom Park, you can find a tasty trio of unique and fun foodie favorites – dreamed up by our very own cast to celebrate and pay homage to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, an original and former attraction that opened with the park in 1971.

The first item on this delicious and social media-worthy menu, The Wild Toad Brat Burger, was inspired by Mr. Toad himself. “Mr. Toad is a fun-loving toad that enjoys adventure and we wanted this item to represent that,” Jamie Miller, sous chef, said. “Our team was inspired to use a brat patty as a base since Friar’s Nook is known for its brats. We also added edible elements we thought guests would enjoy like olives for eyes and a pickle for a tongue to create an animated and fun twist on a traditional burger.”

What could make this Mr. Toad dining experience even sweeter, you ask? How about pairing it with a delicious chilly beverage called The Wild Ride! This frosty sip was inspired by Mr. Toad’s vibrant and unique color scheme. “For this beverage offering, our team incorporated the colors and theme of the character to make it very recognizable,” chef Jamie said. “We also included some wildly sour and sweet flavors to play off the attraction and included a black licorice wheel to symbolize the ride vehicle that takes Mr. Toad on his wild adventure.”

For dessert, top it all off with the Mr. Toad Dome Cake (available for a limited time). Pastry teams used the shape of the dome cake to create Mr. Toad’s body and even included an edible picture of the beloved character’s head made of cocoa butter. “Our team was very detailed when creating this peanut butter mousse dome,” Lisa Hood, pastry sous chef, said. “We used very specific glazing techniques and worked with Disney artists to get his head and body just right.”  

While the concepts for these Mr. Toad’s menu items were created by Disney chefs, the magical touch of our cast on the frontline is what brings the items to plated perfection. 

“One of the most impressive parts about these items, and all the items we produce, is how our cast contribute their techniques and ideas to find efficiencies in our work,” chef Jamie said. “They create hundreds of each menu item daily and we are grateful to have them bring these amazing food and beverage items to life for our guests.”  

From incorporating Mr. Toad’s color scheme to using elements to symbolize the storyline and former attraction, the Walt Disney World culinary team has truly let their imagination run wild with impressive techniques and masterful skills, bringing this deliciously creative trio of menu items to our guests during the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration!  

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