BoardWalk Deli Review: Utilitarian Menu Updates Earn a Passing Grade, But Is It Worth A Visit?

We want you to get the most out of your ‘luxury villa’ stay in Solterra, Davenport (near Championsgate and just south of the Disney World Resort area). To help out, we have sourced the following blog post to keep you up to date with news from Walt Disney World Resort. Thanks to the guys over at Blog Mickey for the original post...

The “new” BoardWalk Deli is now open at Disney’s BoardWalk and we decided to head over to try the new breakfast and lunch/dinner offerings recently. Previously the BoardWalk Bakery, a name change and new coat of paint likely attempts to lure you in for more than just bakery items, although the previous location served sandwiches and the like before. So, is BoardWalk Deli worth a stop? Let’s take a bite out of our BoardWalk Deli review and find out!

BoardWalk Deli Review

BoardWalk Deli Location and Venue

The BoardWalk Deli can be found at Disney’s BoardWalk (as you might imagine). The space was formally called the BoardWalk Bakery, but we assume a change in name is meant to convey the message that there are more than just basic bakery items on offer.

The BoardWalk Deli is located between the Ice Cream Shop and Trattoria al Forno on the east end of Disney’s BoardWalk. Because BoardWalk Deli is not a table-service restaurant, parking at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn & Villas may be limited or completely unavailable for guests not staying at the resort.

With a new name came a new paint scheme on the interior of the shop, along with digital menu boards. Guests order at a single register on the left side of the shop and then pay once they reach the end of the display, perhaps picking up some grab-and-go items along the way. Mobile Order via the My Disney Experience app is also available. There is also a Resort Mug refill station in the BoardWalk Deli.


BoardWalk Deli opens at 7am and offers breakfast items through 11am when they switch over to lunch/dinner. Here’s a look at the posted menu.

Bagel Breakfast Sandwich – $8.99

Cage-free Egg, Bacon, Caramelized Onion, and Cheddar on a Plain Bagel served with choice of Side

The theme of our breakfast was inconsistent eggs. We had multiple sandwiches where the egg was undercooked and inedible, but Cast were excellent in replacing our sandwiches with a corrected version. According to the chef, the eggs in the egg sandwiches are supposed to be a little runny when presented correctly. We think that this makes them very difficult to enjoy on a walk over to EPCOT, and maybe even a dealbreaker depending on how you like your eggs.

A decently executed breakfast bagel was elevated by the caramelized onions, which made this a winner.

This particular bagel sandwich held together really well and we wish that this would be the standard.

Everything Bagel Sandwich – $8.99

Cage-free Egg, Sausage Patty, and Cheddar on an Everything Bagel served with choice of Side

Another take on a breakfast bagel, this time replacing bacon with sausage. Critically, this also loses the caramelized onions, which results in a somewhat weaker offering.

A slightly runny yolk defied gravity just long enough for us to snap a photo but soon made its way down to the plate.

Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich – $7.49

Plant-based Eggs Florentine, “Cheese”, Tomato Jam, and Arugula served with choice of Side

If there’s one thing that we think the BoardWalk Deli did consistently bad, its plant-based options. At the risk of getting ahead of ourselves, the plant-based lunch/dinner item is perhaps even worse than this plant-based florentine sandwich.


Starting at 11am and open through 10pm, lunch/dinner items are available at BoardWalk Deli. Here’s a look at the menu and what we had.

Warm Pastrami Reuben – $12.99

Sauerkraut, Swiss, and Thousand Island Dressing on Marble Rye served with choice of Side

By far the most robust sandwich, the pastrami Reuben was loaded with meat and had a good balance of toppings. Nicely melted swiss was offset by thousand island dressing which competed with the sauerkraut for your attention.

BoardWalk Deli review

Chicken Salad Wrap – $10.99

Rotisserie Chicken, Grapes, Walnuts, and Mayonnaise in a Spinach Wrap served with choice of Side

A well-executed chicken salad wrap was loaded with mayo and rotisserie chicken. We saw some wraps were a little on the dry side for other guests, but we enjoyed ours.

Roasted Chicken Sandwich – $10.49

Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato, and Roasted Garlic Aïoli on Ciabatta served with choice of Side

A well-portioned chicken sandwich does the basic things right. It’s kind of a middle-of-the-road offering. Depending on your feelings about sauerkraut, this might be a better option than the Reuben.

Veggie Crunch Muffuletta – $10.49

Cured and Pickled Root Vegetables, “Cheese”, and Olive-Vegetable Tapenade on Focaccia served with choice of Side

A swing and a miss for us, the veggie crunch muffuletta was a let down in terms of flavor. The cured and pickled root vegetables were rather bland and the presiding flavor was basically just the olive-vegetable tapenade. Again, the BoardWalk Deli plant-based options are really lacking for both vegetarians and non-vegetarian palates.

Italian Sub – $11.49

Capicola, Soppressata, Pepperoni, Provolone, Arugula, Tomato, Arugula Pesto, and Mayonnaise on Ciabatta served with choice of Side

Bakery Items

There are a variety of bakery items that are available throughout the day. Here’s an overview!

BoardWalk Deli review

Is BoardWalk Deli Worth a Visit?

So, is the BoardWalk Deli worth a visit? We’re torn. There were some good items, but nothing new really stood out as being outstanding. The best thing on the menu is a returning item – the Grilled Cheese and Tomato-Basil Soup. Overall, the BoardWalk Deli is a good spot to stop if you’re looking for something easy (and hopefully quick). There are a variety of wonderful table-service restaurants in the BoardWalk and Crescent Lake area that we’d put above the BoardWalk Deli. That’s even before we acknowledge the fact that EPCOT is just steps away with a far more interesting lineup of dining options. The BoardWalk Deli is utilitarian, but we don’t think it necessarily aspires to be more than that. It generally accomplishes what it sets out to do.

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