Another Harmonious Barge Removed From World Showcase Lagoon as Demolition Continues Backstage at EPCOT

Thanks to eye-in-the-sky bioreconstruct, we have an aerial view of the ongoing work to demolish the former Harmonious barges in a backstage area next to the EPCOT marina. First, here’s a wide angle of the backstage work area, showing a recently removed “taco” barge in the marina along with the centerpiece ring barge. This means that there are only two taco barges left in World Showcase Lagoon as Disney continues to rid the body of water from the Harmonious hardware.

On land, the first taco barge that was removed overnight on April 9th is clearly being torn apart and demolished. Interestingly, while there is clearly some demolition of parts, it doesn’t look like a wholesale demolition. It looks like some parts have been intentionally removed, while others remain a part of what’s left of the barge. Disney has not announced any plans to reuse the barges, and concept art of the new nighttime show doesn’t show any barges in use.

Currently, EPCOT Forever is playing nightly at EPCOT, but a new nighttime show will debut later this year as part of the Disney100 celebrations at Walt Disney World.

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