A Guide to Marvel Souvenirs at Universal Orlando Resort

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Marvel Super Hero fans are a truly dedicated — and sometimes zealous — bunch. I can say that because I’m one of them. Certain spirited debates have raged on for decades… Who is stronger: Hulk or Thor? Is Reed Richards the most intelligent Super Hero? These are the kinds of questions that can draw out hours of conversation. But what is something that unites all Marvel devotees? We’re talking MERCH.

I think we can all agree that there’s no better way to rep your favorites than to build a nice collection. Whether you’re more of a T-shirt person or you have a whole room of action figures (why not both?), Marvel Super Hero Island atUniversal’s Islands of Adventure has you covered.

Get out your wish list because I’m going to take you through my favorite Marvel souvenirs.


Apparel & Accessories

Spider Man Lounge Fly Disclaimer

Think of anything you can wear and there is probably a version of it available here: T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jackets, socks, hats, backpacks, wallets, lanyards, keychains… Look for the general Marvel logo if you want to go classic, but there are also plenty of options depicting specific characters or famous teams like The Avengers.

My pick:

Spider Man Shirt Marvel

If you really want to play the hero, consider purchasing a shirt designed to look like the suit of your favorite. Have your friends or family each pick a different one and wear them around the parks to officially join forces.


Iron Man Toy Mask Marvel

It doesn’t matter if you’re 2, 12, or 32-years-old, there are so many options for the young and young at heart. Cuddle up with a plush or find the action figure with the most action. There are also plenty of fun, wearable toys that allow kids to imagine themselves as their idols.

My pick:

Woman wearing Hulk Fists with Hulk Coaster in Background

Hulk hands*! These are fun to wear throughout the day, but especially for photos in front of the giant marquee forThe Incredible Hulk Coaster.

*While supplies last


Spider Man Bust Marvel

Looking for a centerpiece for your fan cave? I’m pretty sure you need a bust of Spider-Man. From statues to replica props to autographs from real-life Marvel-related figures, ensure your collection is ready to impress. There is honestly nothing that makes me smile more than seeing a stylish and tangible representation of my fandom in my home every day.

My pick:

I can say from personal experience that strapping on a replica of Captain America’s shield will instantly make you feel at least 10% more muscular. Plus, it looks great on a wall or shelf.

Home Goods

Woman wrapped in Captain America Blanket

Add a few posters or piggy banks to your child’s room, grab a super soft blanket everyone will be fighting over, or update the inside of your kitchen cabinets with plenty of drinkware options. Between mugs, tumblers, and water bottles, the choices seem endless.

My pick:

Woman holding out Avengers mug

I’m loving the black and gold on this Avengers mug! It feels classy. Almost like I’m a high-powered S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who needs some morning caffeine before helping to save the world.

BONUS: Comics & Graphic Novels

Shelf filled with Marvel Comics

Of course, it wouldn’t be Marvel Super Hero Island if you couldn’t find the very ink and pages that spawned all of the surrounding Super Heroes in the first place. Take home recent issues with your favorite characters or browse to find something new to you.


Marvel Alterniverse Store

Woman holding out Wolverine Thor Rocket Plush Marvel

This is the largest store in all of Marvel Super Hero Island (located across from The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man) and destined to have the biggest selection. Stop by for T-shirts, collectibles, mugs, plush toys and more. This is also where you can snap a photo with your friendly neighborhoodSpider-Man.

Spider-Man Shop

Woman holding out Spider Man Action Figure Marvel

Located at the exit ofThe Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, this place has all things web-slinger. If there’s a Spidey fan in your group, you’re definitely going to want to stop here.

Comic Book Shop

Appropriately named, this store is where you can find all the comics and graphic novels you need to learn about the legends that have dominated the pages of Marvel since 1939. Head through Marvel Super Hero Island towards Toon Lagoon and you’ll see it on your left.

Universal Studios Stores

There are plenty of Universal Studios Stores located throughout Universal Orlando Resort that are great if you need a one-stop shop for all of your favorite stories and characters — Marvel included! Head to one of the following at the end of your day to avoid carrying bags around for longer than you need to:

Online Merchandise Store

If you’re regretting something you left behind or if shopping from the convenience of your couch is more your style, feel free to browse online. Keep in mind, some items are only available in the parks, but there should still be plenty to choose from.

So… what’s on your shopping list? Tell us in the comments below!

For even more information on all there is to do in this area of the park, check out Universal Orlando’s Travel Guide to Marvel Super Hero Island.

Kelsey is a Content Representative at Universal Orlando Resort. She considers The Mummy (1999) a perfect movie and doesn’t tolerate Hufflepuff slander.

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